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  • drop me in the water
    buffy the vampire slayer x firefly - gen.

    She was a freaky little chit.

  • i may not know much about art, but i know what i like
    thoughtcrimes x where the heart is - Dean/McBain.

    Was this really what his life had come to, a bad porn-movie setup?

  • keeper
    stargate: atlantis x traders - gen.

    "Oh, shit. I have to go get my sister at the airport. Want to ride along?"

  • liberty
    stargate: atlantis x angel: the series - McKay/Sheppard. co-written with ladycat777.

    He cautiously opens one eye, and, whoa Dorothy - so not in Kansas any more.

  • untitled ficlet
    buffy the vampire slayer x boa vs python - gen.

    His extremely tenuous ties with the government sometimes put him in the strangest places.

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