Untitled Spike/Xander

Evil. Bad. Wrong. Wicked.

Also very, very stoned.

Nine grand worth. It goes in the vein hot and cold...blunts the edges, blurs the lines. Helps you forget.

Forget that you're bad and you're wrong and that you want to fuck your best friend, partner, everything. Wanna fuck him. Wanna fuck pretty much everybody. Rock stars get to do that - comes with the limo and all that other shit you wouldn't have without him. Rock stars get to fuck everybody. Human, demon, male, female; they line up for it.

lines on the mirror, lines on her face...can't remember the words...doesn't matter anyway.

Don't want them. Want him. Need him. His body, his blood. Everything.

Evil. Wicked. Hungry. Hungry for him.

Want him.

Love him.


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