Snippet (In The Mix)

Willow very carefully kept her mouth shut, as if speaking would cause Spike to bolt like some sort of vampire butterfly, easily startled from his momentary perch beside her.

"Can you do it?" he asked, voice gruff.

"Easy," she replied. "I'll just copy your files onto my hard drive and then re-burn them onto a new CD."



"I want to add something," he repeated, looking anywhere but at her.

"Okay," she said slowly. "Do you have the extra file?"

He shook his head. She took pity on him and showed him how to search for and download the song he wanted to add to the CD he'd brought her. She knew what that CD was - she would recognize Xander's scrawl anywhere. She read the track listing, then slowly read it again. She didn't recognize all of the songs, but she recognized what most of them meant. Xander had been making mixes since the days when they'd tape songs off the radio, sitting on her back porch in the summer heat, drinking her mom's organic lemonade that was never quite as good as Jesse's mom's Country Time.

She dragged and dropped Xander's songs into the track window and then added Spike's song. She hesitated for a bare second when she read the title. She didn't look away from the screen, but could feel Spike's gaze settle on her for a long moment. They did not speak as the CD burned. A few minutes later, the disc tray popped out with a chime and Willow handed both CDs to Spike. He reached for them, and she held on until his eyes met hers. After a second, she nodded and relinquished the discs, which he carefully tucked into an interior pocket before heading downstairs to sleep.

Willow saved the playlist and shut down her computer. As she mounted the steps to go get ready for the coming day, she found herself humming Have A Little Faith in Me.

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