The Hour Series - Chapter Two: Fullness and Freedom

Part One

The sun had set, and the only empty space was on the back steps at Buffy's house. Everyone else was inside, talking, planning, plotting - trying to ready themselves for a war with the evilest thing that ever did evil. And Xander? He was sitting on the step, drinking a beer and running his left hand up and down his hairless right arm, his fingers gliding up and down the smooth, tanned skin. Awakening just past noon he had realized that for once he hadn't felt Anya's absence like a weight on his chest. He'd rolled across the large bed and stretched, feeling languid and relaxed. The slide of his body against the worn cotton sheets had reminded him of a few things he no longer had: body hair for one, and it seemed as if a few inhibitions had been plucked and waxed away also.

Lying in the tangle of sheets, he'd relived every moment of the previous day in about two minutes, and then spent half an hour reliving the sweet, gentle kiss he'd shared with Spike before the vampire had turned away with a bemused smile and left the apartment. He'd passed most of the day in a gentle haze, his mind coming back to the kiss and the look. The look that had been an amalgam of surprise, happiness, and sensuality; the look that had lingered on the vampire's face. The vampire's pretty face. Men weren't supposed to be pretty, but Spike was - damn pretty. His face was too sculpted to be handsome, too defined to be rugged or manly, too beautiful to be called anything else but beautiful - or pretty.

Spike stepped out onto the porch and watched the nimble slide of the human's fingers. He remembered what that firm, silken skin felt like. He walked silently to Xander's side and sat next to him, deftly removing the bottle from his hand and taking a swig before replacing it. He allowed himself to lean slightly against the warm body beside him. "Hey, Xander," he said in a low voice. Without thinking, Xander returned the lean and said, "Hey, Pretty." Spike lightly knocked their heads together in answer and again appropriated the beer. Xander plucked it from his hand before the vampire could drain it. "I said you were pretty, not special," he smiled, and drained the bottle himself.

"Thank you, Spike." The vampire didn't turn his head, but kept staring out at the lawn. "For what?" he asked. Xander chuckled. "Don't be coy, you know for what. For yesterday and last night. And for tonight." Spike turned a quizzical look on him then. "What have I done for you tonight?" he asked. Xander stood and held out a hand, pulling Spike upright. When they were face to face the human said, "I dunno. Why don't you walk me home and you can ask me in the morning?" They turned and left through the gate, not wanting to go through the house and draw unnecessary attention to themselves. They walked in companionable silence through quiet streets for a while.

"What are we doing, Xan? " Spike asked. Xander turned and smiled grimly, without breaking his unhurried stride. "It's going to be bad; you know that right? This war with the First is going to be bad and some of us are going to get dead in the process. Buffy thinks she can keep everybody alive if she has enough control - if she gets every single detail perfect. She's wrong. There's going to be bad shit happening." Spike nodded; he knew that the human was correct in his analysis of the situation. The First was ruthless, and not all of them were going to make it out the other side of the upcoming confrontation intact. It was just a fact.

Xander continued, and his tone was lighter. "So, I thought, what with the gathering apocalypse, we should try and have a little fun." They had arrived at Xander's building. He opened the door and gestured for the vampire to enter. At the top of the stairs, Xander turned. "Last night you gave me something that I wanted very much." His voice dropped. "Is there something you want, Spike?" The vampire contemplated the question until the door of the apartment shut behind them. He stripped off his jacket and handed it to Xander, who hung it and his own side by side in the hall closet.

Spike hooked his thumbs into the pockets of his jeans and looked at Xander. The human was wearing baggy cargo pants, a loose sweater and hiking boots. With a grin he made a decision as to how he wanted to play this new game. He crossed his arms over his chest. "So, we're going to play 'I've always wanted to...' huh, Xan?" Xander mimicked Spike's stance and began rocking back and forth on his heels, grinning and nodding.

"OK, then - here's what I want. I want you to go into the bedroom and put on the tightest pair of jeans that you own, and the tightest white tee shirt you own. No shoes, no socks, no underwear. Oh, and I want a beer." Spike turned, seated himself on the sofa and grabbed the remote. Xander's grin broadened even more, and he went to the refrigerator. He walked back into the living room and handed the beer to Spike, placing one for himself on the low table. He turned and left the room.

In his bedroom, he stripped. Way in the back of a bottom drawer, Xander had a pair of jeans from high school. They were faded, threadbare, and so tight that he had to lie down on the bed to zip them. He pulled on a tight, white undershirt, and gave up the idea of tucking it in. Looking in the mirror, he tousled his hair a little more and licked his lips. The vampire wants a tight outfit, he thought; let's give the vampire what he wants.

Spike was sitting exactly where Xander had left him, but the overhead lights had been turned off, leaving the room lit only by a couple of small lamps and the television. Xander did his best imitation of Spike's own hip-shot strut until he was standing directly in front of the vampire, who gave him an appraising look and a sly smile. "Let's see the rear view," he prompted. Xander held his arms out at his sides and pivoted slowly. With his back to Spike, he looked over his shoulder and winked. Spike laughed out loud. Xander finished his turn and bounced onto the sofa next to Spike, taking a long pull of his beer.

Spike took a sip of his beer and ran his hand up Xander's thigh. "You're up," he said, sitting back abruptly. The human's eyes had lost focus during the brief caress, and he shook his head as if clearing cobwebs. "Huh?" Spike laughed. "It's your turn. What do you want? What have you always wanted to do, to see, to know? Your wish is my command." Xander thought for a long moment, then grabbed Spike by the hand, pulled him off the couch and dragged him toward the bathroom.

"What's this, then?" Spike protested weakly, but allowed himself to be manhandled into the bathroom, where Xander started running water into the sink. While waiting for the water to heat up, the human reached into the shower and pulled out the bottle of unscented shampoo. He waved it at Spike. "Stick your head in the sink, bleach boy - I've always wanted to see what your hair looks like without all that crap in it." The vampire crossed his arms and scowled, but Xander pointed at the sink adamantly. "If I can wear pants that cut off my circulation, you can let me see you without your hair-armor." With a long-suffering sigh, Spike complied.

Xander stepped up next to the sink and carefully wet Spike's hair, pouring a handful of the shampoo onto it and scrubbing softly to break up the stiff gel. Spike simply relaxed and enjoyed the warm water and the exquisite feeling of Xander's fingers on his scalp. Too soon the shampoo was rinsed away and Xander was gently towel-drying the blond locks, which immediately separated into a riot of curls. Xander hung the towel with a flourish and exclaimed, "Gorgeous! I love it!" His open smile was infectious, and Spike found himself smiling, too, even though he was sure he looked like a friggin' Q-Tip. Xander put a tiny dollop of hair gel into his hands and rubbed them together. He ran them through the roots of Spike's hair and arranged the resulting waves for a moment. On impulse, he leaned in and gave the vampire a tiny kiss on the end of his nose. "Tag, you're it," he said, then turned and ran from the bathroom with Spike in hot pursuit.

Spike easily caught Xander in the living room and shoved him toward the couch. Xander stood next to it and waited. He then noticed what the vampire had in his hand - Xander's digital camera. "Strike a pose, Xan - gotta save this for posterity." Xander ducked his head shyly, and Spike caught the shot as he peeked up through the tousled waves that the motion had brought forward. The vampire lined up a full-body shot and snapped again. Xander held out his hand. "My turn," he crowed. Spike handed the camera over, admonishing, "If anyone sees these, I will kill and eat you." Xander laughed, and then darted forward to kiss Spike soundly. As soon as their lips parted, Xander took his shot, capturing the vampire's expression - blue eyes cloudy with passion; lips reddened and swollen, curved into a shy smile. He snapped another photo as Spike reverted to form, smirking and raising an eyebrow.

After taking the camera and setting it on a nearby shelf, Spike paused to kick off his boots and socks, and then sat on one end of the couch. He grabbed one of Xander's hands and pulled him down, arranging them so that the human was lying on his back with his head in Spike's lap. He shifted a bit until they were both comfortable, and then began carding his fingers through Xander's thick hair. What the hell, the vampire thought; I've wanted to do this for a while now. Boy likes it too, he's practically purring. Xander's dark eyes were closed to thin slits, and he turned his head slightly from side to side to lean into the touch of Spike's cool fingers. "That feels so good, Spike," Xander said in a low tone. "Is it my turn again?" Spike's fingers stopped moving. "Yeah, Xan - your turn," he said. Xander made a small, frustrated noise. "Bad vampire. Don't stop." They shared a smile and Spike resumed his rhythmic stroking of Xander's hair.

"Why the tight clothes, Spike? It's not like you haven't seen me naked." Xander stated. He looked up into the clear blue eyes above him. The vampire smiled. "I dunno - I just wanted to see what you look like without those baggy pants and eye-bleeding shirts. Wanted to see you wear something that would make me want to peel it off you out of horniness rather than self-preservation." Xander looked up at him and cocked an eyebrow. "And ..." Spike smiled down into his eyes. "This'll do nicely," he leered. "Look at you, Xander - you could have any girl, or guy for that matter, if you dressed like this and acted as confident as you are right now. Why do you hide?" Xander laughed ruefully. "Fear. Habit. Self-preservation." He sighed. "I never really spent a lot of time analyzing it - it's just what I do. Sorry that's not very deep. Your turn."

Spike thought for a moment, still running his fingers through Xander's hair. Every few strokes he would turn his fingers so that his blunt nails scraped down the boy's scalp, smiling when the dark head turned into the contact. He leaned down and brushed a soft kiss across Xander's forehead. He spoke hesitantly, reluctant to break the playful mood. "Um ...Xan, what part of last night did you like best?" Xander's eyes flew open in surprise, but then his face relaxed into a smile. "Do you mean the prep or the main event?" he asked. Spike shrugged, to let him answer in his own way. Xander's eyes were sparkling, and Spike could smell him heat up with arousal.

"Well," Xander started. "During the day, when they were getting me ready, the best part was the massage. I don't think I've ever been so relaxed in my life. It was great." His eyes closed dreamily. "I actually fell asleep." His eyes opened and they shared a smile. "And the - er - main event, as you put it?" Spike prompted. Xander's eyes darkened and he licked his lips, which had suddenly gone dry. When he finally spoke, his voice was husky. "It was all perfect, Spike, but the very best thing was when you slapped me." Spike's eyes went wide, and his mouth opened but no sound came out. Xander continued, "Not that I'm saying I want you to smack me around, but when I refused you and you slapped me? That made it real. That was when I committed to, well, everything. I felt so" Xander snaked one hand up and around Spike's neck and pulled the vampire's head down to his.

Their lips touched softly, just sliding together lightly. Xander reached out with the tip of his tongue and traced Spike's full lower lip. Their mouths opened against one another and their tongues met in the middle. The kiss stayed light and exploratory - neither was ready to go further at the moment, wanting to draw it out, but knowing that finally, inevitably they would wind up in Xander's big, soft bed together. As their lips parted, Xander traced Spike's cheekbone with his fingers, and the vampire trailed light kisses from his lip to his ear, nipping the lobe lightly as he straightened, still winding Xander's hair around his fingers.

"What about you, Spike? What part did you like best?" Xander's tone was light, and he was unprepared for the shudder that ran through the vampire's body. Spike's eyes were icy blue, and they glittered in the half-light. Xander reached up to touch his cheek with a startled look. Spike closed his eyes and swallowed audibly. When he opened his eyes, they were darkened and dilated with lust. His voice was husky. "When you called me "Master". That was so, God, Xan - that was so hot. I was sure that you'd never say it - that was why I gave you a choice of what to call me. And then you said it, twice. And the way you said it." He shuddered again. "Your voice, the way your body felt with my fingers inside you - that was...incredible."

Xander couldn't tear his eyes away from Spike's, even though he knew his face was flushing, both with arousal and embarrassment. He'd gotten used to Anya's bluntness, so he was surprised that he could even flush anymore. But the intimacy of Spike's words, coupled with the obvious lust in his eyes and voice, touched Xander deeply. He couldn't believe that the vampire was opening himself up, stripping himself bare for Xander and risking ridicule, dismissal and hostility. When their lips met this time, it was rougher, harder. Spike's tongue swept around the inside of Xander's mouth, taking advantage of a moan to push deeper, mapping the contours of the roof of his mouth, nipping at his lips and kissing him breathless before pulling back just enough to let the human gulp in some much-needed air.

Xander smiled up at the vampire and reached up to run his fingers through the now-dry curls that fell over his pale forehead. "Your turn," he prompted. Spike opened his mouth to speak, and the phone rang. Both men groaned and shot the handset a dirty look where it sat on the coffee table. Xander picked it up reluctantly. "Hello? Hey, Buff." Spike and Xander exchanged a grimace, but the human made no move to shift from his position with his head in the vampire's lap. With a shrug, Spike continued to card his fingers through Xander's hair. He could easily hear Buffy through the phone.

"Xander, have you seen Spike? He's missing. I'm worried," she said, and Spike winced at the shrillness of her tone. "Chill, Buffster," Xander said lightly, "he's here. What happened? Did he miss a head count or something?" Buffy sighed. "God, Xan, am I that bad?" He felt a small pang for being flippant with her when he knew her stress level was through the roof. "You've got a lot on your mind. Don't worry about us - we're just having a manly man bonding evening. Consider it a well-earned break from the both of us." She sighed again, and then laughed, and Xander was glad to hear some genuine mirth in it. "Does that mean you're drinking beer and watching 'Baywatch'?" "Something like that. If he doesn't make it out of the man-pit by dawn I'll keep him here and deliver him to you tomorrow evening, OK?" he said. She paused, and for a moment Xander was afraid she was going to pry for a less flip answer. Instead, she said, "I miss you, Xander. I miss us - the Scoobies. Can we have a movie night or something soon? Maybe just you and me and Dawn and Willow and Spike and maybe Giles - if I can get those two in the same room without bloodshed? I need Scooby-time." She sounded so sad that Xander was tempted to tell her that he'd be right there. Before he could speak, she said, "I gotta go - Dawn's home and we're going to try to do sister stuff. Don't OD on testosterone, 'K?" And then she was gone.

Xander pressed the "off" button on the phone and tossed it onto the table. He looked up at Spike, who was frowning. He reached up and ran his finger along the vampire's lips, which immediately curled into a smile. "Don't worry about Buffy," he said, "she's OK." Spike opened his mouth and licked at the tip of Xander's finger. "I know. So, you'll deliver me to her, huh?" Xander smiled. "If I have to. I guess that sort of broke the mood, didn't it?" he said. In answer, Spike closed his lips on Xander's finger and sucked it. Releasing it with a pop, he said, "Nope," and kissed Xander again.

Part Two

They both knew that the game was over - this was real. They'd done atonement, they'd done tentative sweetness, they'd done playful and fun; this was the first step off of the cliff that would tumble them into the abyss. Neither had any thoughts for the future, beyond what they were going to do to each other and for each other in the hours until dawn. All that mattered was lips and teeth and tongues and hands and fingers and skin, whimpers and moans, gasps and growls.

They stood, and Xander took Spike's hand and led him to his bed. Standing there, in the dim light coming from the living room, they struggled with their tight jeans and tossed their clothing away. Finally, blessedly naked they stopped a foot apart and looked at one another for long moments. Spike stepped forward and dropped a chaste kiss onto the top of Xander's shoulder. Xander groaned and brought his hand up to cup the vampire's cool cheek, bringing his head up so they could look into each other's eyes. "I just wanted to be sure that you know why I'm doing this," he said. Spike raised an eyebrow at him. "My choice - our choice. No excuses. I just wanted you to know." The vampire nodded. "I know." They shared a long look, and then Xander smiled. "Good. Then get your ass on the bed."

Spike turned his back to Xander and crawled across the bed, pausing to look over his shoulder at the human standing dumbfounded in his wake, staring at his ass. "Like what you see, pet?" he drawled, raising an eyebrow and swaying his hips slightly. "Urk," Xander said, and pounced. Spike found himself pressed flat into the bed by Xander's warm weight. He groaned when the human's erection pressed against him, lining up against the cleft of his ass. The groans turned to growls when Xander latched onto the back of his neck, biting and sucking. "Oh, shit ...that's good, Xan; don't stop, love."

Spike's voice was strained with arousal and he arched strongly against Xander's body, babbling madly until the human released his neck. Xander began kissing and licking his way slowly down Spike's spine, sliding his hands down to the vampire's wrists to hold him spread-eagled against the sheets. "God, Spike - your skin - so soft. You feel so good."

Xander shifted up to sit on his heels between Spike's spread legs, allowing his hands to trail up the vampire's arms and then down his back. Spike could feel his hesitation. "What is it, Xan?" he asked, turning his head. Xander leaned forward to rest his forehead against the vampire's shoulder, burying his face against the cool flesh. "Um, I just realized that I've exhausted my entire repertoire of gay sex. I have no idea what to do next," he admitted somewhat sheepishly. Spike craned his neck back further, but the human resolutely kept his burning face hidden. Propping himself up on his elbows, Spike arched his back so he could rub his temple against Xander's cheek. "What exactly was in your repertoire of gay sex, pet?" he asked in a laughing tone. "Um, kissing and 'do whatever Spike says'," Xander admitted. His voice cracked a little when he added, "I don't want to get it wrong."

Spike wanted to laugh with delight, but realized that Xander's distress was genuine. He pushed back against the human until he had enough room to roll over. He gathered Xander into his arms and hugged him, settling them on the bed with Xander half on top of him with his face pressed into the vampire's neck. "It's OK, Xan. I got lost in the moment - I forgot this was all new for you." Spike turned them both on their sides, and he started placing soft kisses along the curve of Xander's clenched jaw, throwing in a tickle of tongue or a nip every few kisses, just to keep things interesting.

As Xander began to relax, Spike ventured further, kissing his throat, his chin, the hard curve of his cheekbone, and finally, his lips. Spike took his time, gently mapping the contours of the human's hot mouth, reveling in the slick slide of tongue on tongue, feeling every bit of tension drain out of his partner, not releasing his hold on Xander's lips until air became an issue. He licked and nipped his way to Xander's ear. "Tell me what you want, Xan. I can tell you what to do or we can ...just ...explore a bit." His words were punctuated with small kisses against Xander's neck, calculated to keep the human distracted enough that he didn't melt into a puddle of embarrassment. Xander leaned into the contact and panted, "How about a little of both?"

Spike made a happy sound that turned into a gasp when Xander began licking and kissing his neck, trailing his lips and tongue from the hollow of his collarbone up to behind his ear and back down. After exploring the entire cool length with his lips, Xander began using his teeth, nipping and biting lightly. "More," Spike gasped. "Need you to bite me harder. Make it hurt a little." Xander complied, sinking his teeth into Spike's corded neck hard enough to leave marks. He was amazed when the vampire went rigid under him and moaned at the sensation, so he bit down again. He moved his mouth further down and bit Spike hard at the exact spot where the vampire's neck and shoulder met. Spike hissed and twisted under Xander to bring their erections into contact. Both were leaking fluid, which mixed to lubricate the slide of rigid flesh on rigid flesh.

Xander brought his mouth down to Spike's nipple and licked and sucked the tender flesh to a peak. He swept his fingers up to the other nipple and pinched it sharply, keeping up an intense pressure that made the vampire growl his name. "Oh, Xander - just like that. So good." Spike wailed, and Xander slithered up to whisper in his ear, never letting up the pressure on Spike's nipple. "That's what I like, too, Spike - the pleasure and the pain together." The last word became a drawn-out moan as the vampire brought his hands to Xander's chest to comply with the oblique request. Spike held Xander's nipples lightly between his thumbs and forefingers then brought his fingers together hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to damage. "Oh, fuck yes!" Xander wailed, thrusting his hips wildly. Spike made a mental note: nipple clamps.

Slowing the pace a little, Spike slid his hands around to Xander's back; kneading the large muscles there while he whispered in the human's ear, "Want your hand on my cock, Xan. Touch me." Xander rolled onto his side and lightly encircled the vampire's erection with slightly shaking fingers, slipping them up and down the shaft, and circling the wet head lightly. Spike shifted under him, muttering, "bad angle," and arranged them so that they were both on their backs, with the vampire's back resting against Xander's warm chest as the human leaned against the headboard in a semi-reclining position. Xander caught on to the idea and wrapped his arms around Spike, splaying one hand across his chest and wrapping the other around the vampire's cock. Spike grabbed Xander's thighs and sighed, "perfect," as the hot hand began to stroke him.

The angle was perfect - Spike had set them up so that Xander could touch the vampire the way he would touch himself, and the human wasted no time. He made his hand into a loose fist and pumped the shaft experimentally, rubbing his thumb over the slick head to gather the moisture there. Circling the head, he played for a moment with the almost fully retracted foreskin. He slid his fingernail along the edge, making Spike buck into his hand. Xander leaned away for a moment and came back with a tube of lubricant from the bed table drawer. Teasingly, he squirted a glob of the cold gel directly onto the sensitive crown of Spike's cock; making the vampire yelp, then moan as he began stroking again.

Xander proceeded to fist the vampire's cock, making all of the moves he liked for himself, using the breathy moans, hip thrusts and occasional "fuck yeahs" to gauge Spike's reactions. He dropped his other hand between Spike's legs to roll and cup his balls, assuming he was doing OK when the vampire spread his legs wantonly and thrust up harder. The pace was languid, neither in a hurry to end this encounter, but Xander found himself growing impatient for more. He leaned down and whispered, "God, Spike ...wanna touch you inside," and started biting the back of the vampire's neck again. He was startled when Spike grabbed his forearms and managed to pull them both into a kneeling position, with Xander behind Spike on the bed, his sweaty chest sealed to the cool, muscular back in front of him, his hand still stroking the vampire's cock.

Spike nudged the tube of lubricant back toward Xander and panted, "Yes, pet. Want you inside me. Start with a finger ...or two." Xander gave Spike's erection one last hard stroke, and then eased back onto his heels to put more lubricant on his shaking fingers. Spike was on his hands and knees before him, and Xander marveled at the sight for a moment. He could now understand why the vampire had been so excited at the spa, with Xander bound and kneeling in supplication. To have this awesome creature at his mercy, trusting him, made him feel powerful and tender at the same time. Dropping the tube back onto the bed, Xander leaned forward and kissed Spike softly on the shoulder and, at the same time, breached him with one finger, sliding it up to the hilt into the soft, cool confines of the vampire's body.

Spike arched back strongly, and then let his head drop to hang between his arms, shuddering as his tightness adjusted to the intrusion. Xander could feel Spike's ass clenching and fluttering around his finger and imagined what that tight softness would feel like around his cock. They both groaned out loud when Xander began pumping his finger in and out of Spike's channel. "Another," Spike demanded, and Xander complied, pulling out and then pushing back in with two fingers. This time, he didn't wait for Spike to adjust and immediately began thrusting in and out. Spike pushed back against him and muttered nonsense words and deep sounds of pleasure.

"Twist your fingers around, Xan," Spike instructed, "see if you can feel a little nub ...ahhhhhh!" Xander had done as he was instructed, and found Spike's prostate, pressing into that tiny bundle of nerves that caused Spike to make a noise halfway between a cry of pain and a scream of pleasure. Xander really liked that noise, so he twisted his hand again, this time allowing his fingernail to lightly scrape the sweet spot. "Holy fuck!" Spike gasped, and swiftly pulled one hand off the bed to grasp his cock tightly at the base. He'd nearly shot all over the bed, and only vampire reflexes had saved him from embarrassing himself.

Xander pulled his fingers out and applied yet more of the slick gel, then carefully worked three fingers into Spike. He desperately wanted to replace the fingers with his cock, but didn't know if Spike wanted him to, or would even let him. The problem was solved when the vampire twisted his neck to look over his shoulder, with eyes rapidly switching between blue and yellow. "In me," he hissed. Xander hesitated for a moment, and Spike gave him a hard look, which almost immediately softened into a smile. "What? You play the sub one time and give up your driving privileges forever? I don't think so." He wiggled his ass at Xander enticingly and clenched his internal muscles hard on the three fingers holding him open. "In me, Xan - want you so much. Please." It was the "please' that did it.

Pulling his fingers out, Xander slathered lubricant onto his cock and lined himself up to Spike's entrance. He grabbed the vampire's hip, steadied his erection with his other hand, and said a quick prayer to the gods of gay sex that he please not do this wrong. He eased forward, only to be met by a strong thrust from Spike that had him completely buried in the vampire's body in one smooth stroke. He froze. The feeling was incredible. It wasn't like the heat and utter wetness of being inside a woman. Spike was cooler, silkier and tighter than anything Xander had ever felt. The pressure on his cock was almost painful, but the softness of the channel and the pulling, grasping, fluttering motions were indescribable.

Spike panted unnecessarily, savoring the sensation of being filled. He'd not had another man inside him in decades, and never a human. The heat was incredible. He knew Xander was waiting for a signal to begin moving, but he drew the moment out, memorizing the exquisite feeling of heat and fullness. "Xanderrr," he purred, "I can feel your heartbeat inside me." And he could - he could feel the pulse of blood through the human's cock, buried deep in his body. It was almost like feeling his own heart beating, except that he couldn't remember what that simple function had felt like.

Finally, unable to wait any longer, Spike pushed back. Xander grabbed his slim hips firmly, holding himself in place. He levered back and pulled almost all the way out. He hesitated with only the crown of his erection inside Spike's body, waiting. The vampire stayed still as long as he could, then threw his head back and begged, "Please, Xan - fuck me, please. Need you, want you. Now, please!" Xander slammed himself into Spike and began pistoning in and out roughly. He heard someone chanting, "yes, yes," and it took him a moment to realize that it was his own voice, marking the cadence to which he was fucking his lover, his vampire. Knowing he wouldn't last long, he leaned over Spike's back and reached for the vampire's erection, wanting them to come together.

His hand was brushed away, and Spike growled, "I'll do it - you - focus - keep fucking - just - like - that!" The last word turned into a loud groan as Xander's change of angle sent the head of his cock smashing into Spike's prostate. He did as he was told and kept fucking. Xander wanted to slow down, wanted to make it last, wanted ...everything all at once. But the unerring rhythm, the sheer tightness of Spike's body, the exhilaration of doing this forbidden, kinky, slightly unbelievable thing all spiraled together to blindside him with the most powerful orgasm of his life. He slammed into Spike one last time and held there as he shot pulse after pulse into the vampire's body. Spike followed him into oblivion within seconds, the flutters and tremors of the vampire's orgasm drawing his own out impossibly.

Finally it was over, and Xander fell onto his side, carrying Spike with him and spooning the cool body against his front. His cock was still inside, and he was unwilling to give up the bond between them. Spike also seemed disinclined to separate; lying in a happy stupor, feeling Xander's breath heaving in and out over his shoulder and his warm lips kissing his neck and shoulder. Finally, he spoke; "How's that repertoire now, pet?" Xander thought for a moment, and then laid a small, soft kiss just below Spike's ear. "Expanded," he replied.

Part Three

"Face the wall, Xander." Spike's voice was low and steely. Xander complied instantly, spreading his legs and placing his hands on the wall. They had rolled out of bed and cleaned up, then headed to the kitchen for a snack. Xander wolfed down two Pop Tarts, and Spike was halfway through a mug of blood when desire had sparked between them again. Neither could pinpoint a cause, but one moment they were sitting in companionable silence, and the next they were tangled together in one chair, kissing wildly. The truth was - they didn't really care.

Xander shuddered as Spike trailed kisses and bites down his back, while his hands curved around the front of the human's body to tease his nipples and stroke him into full hardness. Suddenly, there were warm, wet fingers at his entrance. Xander tried very hard to not think about the fact that he was being lubricated and stretched with microwaved pig's blood. That thought flew out of his head as Spike began to carefully prepare him, gently working his fingers in and out of the human's hot, tight passage. Xander spread his legs further and bent slightly at the waist so he could thrust back onto the fingers inside him. Spike continued licking, sucking and biting at his neck and shoulders as he worked his fingers into Xander, stopping periodically to dip his hand into the bloody mug.

Finally, Spike pulled his fingers out and replaced them with the head of his cock. "It's gonna hurt a little at first, Xan - just try to relax. I promise I'll make it good for you," he assured the human. Xander turned to look over his shoulder and caught the vampire's sparkling blue eyes. "I know, Spike. I trust you," he said, and his steady stare and earnest voice nearly made Spike lose control on the spot. Xander turned back to the wall and rested his forehead on it, waiting. Spike looked down at his blood-covered erection and gently pressed forward, breaching the relaxed ring of muscle, and then meeting resistance.

They both hissed, but Spike didn't let up on the gentle pressure. Xander felt something inside him give, and then felt himself stretched impossibly wide as his lover entered him. He smothered a shout against the wall and Spike stopped moving. "You OK, love?" the vampire asked. "It ...hurts, but it's...good, too," Xander panted. "Bear down against me, Xan," Spike instructed. Xander complied, and groaned as his action caused the vampire's cock to slide deeper into his body. The feeling was incredible; pleasure and pain mingled until Xander couldn't tell where either sensation began or ended. One last thrust, and Spike's chest was sealed against his back, his crisp pubic hair brushing Xander's ass.

Spike held himself perfectly still. He didn't want to move, didn't want to stop feeling the incredible heat that surrounded his throbbing cock. Xander's body was tighter and hotter than anything he'd ever experienced; he wanted to speak, to say something to tell the human how he felt, but no words could get past the breathy moans that were torn from his throat. It was all he could do to let his hands slide down the taut contours of Xander's arms to where his hands were splayed on the wall, linking their fingers and squeezing. Xander curled his shaking fingers over Spike's and held on.

The pain eased, and Xander was ready for Spike to move within him. He remembered their earlier coupling, and clenched his internal muscles experimentally. Spike groaned his name. Xander clenched harder and was rewarded when the vampire untangled their hands, grabbed his hips and began thrusting in and out of his willing body. Xander was sure that he was going to fall, but just before his knees buckled he felt a hard arm around his waist. He sagged and allowed the vampire to hold him up. He moaned and howled into the wall as his brain tried to keep up with the rush of sensation as he was emptied and filled over and over.

Spike slammed himself into Xander with abandon, barely able to control himself enough to avoid hurting his lover. He was in full game face, snarling and growling as he lost himself in Xander's incredible heat. Finally, he came with a roar, pressing Xander into the wall as he flooded the human's insides with his cool release. Spike caught his breath for a second, and then spun Xander easily. He pinned the human to the wall, dropped to his knees and engulfed his still-hard cock in a single, supple motion.

Xander leaned bonelessly against the wall and brought shaky hands up to twine into Spike's blond curls. He looked down and realized that his cock was sliding rapidly in and out of a mouth wreathed in fangs, and that Spike's feral, golden eyes were boring into his. When Xander's fingers began tracing his brow ridges, Spike's eyes rolled back in his head and he increased the suction on Xander's cock, taking it all the way into his throat. Xander's brain rapidly flashed through the sensations of the suction on his cock, the impossibly soft skin over the hard ridges on Spike's face, the wild pounding of his heart, the slick feel of Spike's come running down the backs of his thighs and his building orgasm until his entire awareness centered on the tightening of his balls.

With a high-pitched noise, he emptied himself into Spike's mouth and slumped against the wall. He barely moved when Spike stood and gathered the limp human to him, carrying them both back to the bedroom and rolling them onto the bed. The vampire pulled the blankets around them, and Xander drifted off to sleep surrounded by cool hard arms, with gentle kisses dusting his face.


Xander raced around the apartment, frantically cleaning and straightening. Buffy had ambushed him at work with a fully-formed plan for "Scooby Movie Night" at his house at 8:00 pm. He'd wanted desperately to protest, in light of the fact that he'd left a naked, sated vampire curled up in his bed after a rousing wake-up blow job; but she was so excited that he didn't have the heart. Luckily, the day had gone well and he was able to leave the site at 4:00. As predicted, Spike was less than happy that he had to get up before dark. He'd come awake growling and grumbling, but had relented when Xander fought dirty and pouted at him.

Xander wondered what the hell he'd been thinking when he'd shoved the vampire out the door minutes after sunset armed with his wallet and car keys to buy snacks and rent movies from the approved list Buffy had thoughtfully provided. He was well into a panic attack when he heard keys in the door. If Spike was surprised to be greeted with a forceful hug and kiss, he made no mention of it, merely smiling and heading to the kitchen with his burden of bags. Xander followed, immediately poking around to see what Spike had brought. Once the junk food was all put away and the movies shuffled to the side, Spike reached for a bag he'd surreptitiously hidden in the seat of one of the chairs.

"Drop your pants and bend over the chair, love," he instructed in what Xander had come to think of as his "Master" voice. The human hesitated for a bare second, but it was long enough for one of the vampire's hands to shoot out and smack him hard on the ass. Xander spun and did as he was told, pulling down his pants and boxers and bending over the kitchen chair. He groaned as a slick finger breached his asshole and he was roughly stretched for a moment. Spike pulled out and Xander could hear him doing - something - and then he felt something cold and slick at his entrance. With a twisting motion, Spike settled a small silicone butt plug into Xander's hole, and then pulled up the human's pants and boxers. Turning, he left the room.

Xander stayed over the chair for a moment, gasping at the feel of the plug stretching him open. It wasn't very big, much smaller than Spike's cock, but it was long enough to brush against his prostate, sending tingles throughout his body. He wondered if Spike meant for him to wear it the entire evening, and if he would ever be able to even squeak out one word if he did. Finally, he straightened and zipped up, still adjusting to the sensations inside.

Spike returned to the kitchen, wearing his black jeans and one of Xander's white undershirts and an evil grin. "Go put on the gear on the bed," he said. Xander walked into the bedroom in a daze, terrified of what he might find. He breathed a sigh of relief when he recognized a pair of his loose jean shorts and a plain, emerald green tee shirt. There was no underwear in the pile of clothes, so he stripped off and put on the shorts and tee. The shirt was tighter than he usually wore and emphasized the contours of his chest and abdomen. The shorts fit closely at the waist but were baggier in the hips and legs. He tucked the shirt in and found a belt. Remaining barefoot, he returned to the living room just as the doorbell rang.

He trotted carefully over to the door and admitted Buffy, Willow, Dawn and Giles. The Watcher was subdued, but the girls chattered happily, explaining that Faith and Principal Wood were staying with the potentials. They had brought more snack food and ice cream, and explained that pizza was on the way. Willow carried their offerings into the kitchen and came back with a heavily laden Spike following her. Xander was surprised and happy that no one questioned the vampire's presence. The girls started setting out the snacks and drinks, while the three men hung back a little. Xander caught Giles and Spike exchanging a series of looks that he couldn't read.

Giles cleared his throat and asked if he could speak to Spike privately. They stepped into the kitchen and returned shortly, minus the palpable tension that had been between them. Xander raised an eyebrow at Spike, who gave him a small smile in return. The doorbell rang again, and Giles went to retrieve the pizza. "What was that all about?" Xander whispered to Spike. "Watcher apologized," Spike said, with a slightly disbelieving shake of his head. They shared another small smile, and then went to join the others.

The girls chattered happily over pizza, with the men laughingly fitting in a rare word edge-wise. After dinner, Xander and Spike cleared the trash while Giles got beverages for everyone and the girls set about making comfortable movie-watching nests on the floor with pillows and blankets. Giles settled in the chair with a throw blanket over his lap and three bottles of English stout lined up on the table at his side. Xander opened the back door and set the trash bag into the can on the stoop. As he turned to go back inside, Spike slipped out the door and kissed him. Xander pulled the cool, hard body close and kissed Spike back with abandon.

Spike broke the kiss and turned Xander so that the human's chest was pressed against the door, pinning his hands to the frame with his own. He raised one knee between Xander's legs, pressing the flat of his thigh against the silicone button of the plug that protruded slightly from the human's body. He moved his leg back and forth; drawing gasps and shudders from Xander as his prostate was stimulated. Spike leaned in, hooking his chin over the human's shoulder. "When we go inside, go to the bathroom and remove the plug, then come sit next to me on the couch," he whispered. Xander gasped, "Yes, Spike," and sagged against the door as the vampire stepped back.

Spike pulled Xander to his feet and hugged him close, licking a long, wet line from his collarbone to his ear and grinning when the human groaned brokenly and tightened his arms convulsively around his body. They separated reluctantly and returned to the apartment. Xander went directly to the bathroom and dropped his shorts. Leaning over, he grasped the base of the plug and pulled it out, stifling a moan as he did so. He pulled his shorts back on and adjusted his hard-on. He left his shirt untucked to try and hide the bulge. After stowing the plug in the drawer of the bed table he returned to the living room, relieved to find that the lights had been turned off and the movie was just starting.

"Yeah, that was fun, Slayer. Remind me that you never get to pick the movie again. I felt like a right git renting 'Pretty Woman' and 'Shakespeare In Love'," Spike groused. Buffy, Willow and Dawn laughed from where they were curled together on the floor; the older girls were sharing a bottle of wine while Dawn settled for a soda. Xander slipped onto the couch next to Spike, who handed him a beer. For the first half of the movie the men ridiculed Richard Gere and ate snacks while the women shushed them and stole their snacks. Eventually, the story drew all of them in. Spike reached over and pushed Xander's shoulder and the human allowed himself to be arranged with his head at the end of the couch lying on his side.

Spike draped the blanket from the back of the sofa over Xander and his own lap. A moment later Xander jumped as he felt a cool hand steal up his leg and into his shorts. He bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from gasping when Spike's fingers caressed his balls. Xander drew one knee up to give the vampire better access. He had to fake a cough to smother a groan when Spike slid one long finger into his lubricated and stretched hole. Xander fought to keep his eyes open and his attention on the movie as a second finger joined the first and twisted to scrape across his sensitive prostate. He turned his head to look at Spike, who was calmly watching the movie and drinking a beer as if he weren't finger-fucking Xander into oblivion under the shield of the blanket.

By the time Richard Gere was climbing the fire escape to declare his undying love to Julia Roberts, Xander was in a painful state of arousal and had three cool vampire fingers wedged tightly in his ass. Spike pulled out and casually went to the kitchen for more beer while the girls sleepily discussed the merits of going home versus watching the other movie. Sleepiness won out and they decided to leave. Xander managed to get his hard-on to recede enough to hug the girls goodbye, and Giles began herding them to the door. Buffy stopped to ask Spike if he was going with them. Xander looked over to where the vampire lounged coolly in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.

"Not just yet, Slayer," the vampire drawled. "I feel like a spot of patrol before I turn in for the day. I'll be in before the sun's up, not to worry." Xander walked them to the door. As soon as it was shut behind them, he found himself being flung back onto the sofa. Spike leaped on top of him and wrestled Xander's and his own clothes off. He flipped them over so that Xander was straddling his lap and steadied his erection with one hand. Xander swiftly impaled himself on Spike's cock and brought their mouths together in a frantic kiss. Their coupling had no sweetness or softness in it - both the kiss and the fucking were intense and rough. Spike wrapped his hand around Xander's erection and worked it with hard strokes. Xander's release spilled over the vampire's hand just as Spike exploded inside him.

They stayed where they were, forehead to forehead, eyes locked, panting for a long time. Xander raised one hand to brush Spike's hair back. "You're pretty incredible, you know?" he said. Spike smiled into his eyes. "You inspire me, pet. Shower? Bed?" Xander nodded and stood, groaning as Spike's softened cock slipped out of him. They supported each other as they stumbled tiredly toward the bathroom.

In the hours before dawn, Spike held Xander against his chest and watched the mortal sleep, wondering what was to be. He lost himself in the infinitely interesting minutiae of cataloguing the sensations of his fingers carding through thick sable hair and across warm skin; the gentle brush of breath across his chest; the deep contentment of holding this boy, this man in his arms. Whatever the sunrise brought, he was sure that he'd not forget these stolen hours in the sheltered lee of the looming apocalypse. As dawn approached, he reluctantly disentangled himself and dressed silently. Sitting on the side of the bed, he shook Xander gently awake. "Have to go, love - it's almost light," he whispered. A warm hand came up to cup his cheek, and Spike leaned into the contact. "M'kay," Xander murmured, "See you tonight?" Spike nodded and kissed Xander's palm. "Tonight," he agreed.

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