"Wake up, baby." Xander's voice was soft as he leaned over Spike, gently brushing his hair out of his face.

"Don't wanna." It was early, and Spike just wanted to stay where he was, wrapped up in soft blankets and hard arms. Being able to sleep in the same bed with Xander every night was still a novelty, and he didn't give it up easily. "Five more minutes?"

"Big day; sure you don't want to get up a little bit early?"

Spike groaned and snuggled down against Xander's chest, burying his nose in the dark hairs there and inhaling the unique scent of his skin before raising his head in sudden realization.

"First day of classes - slipped my mind."

"Yeah, that too,' Xander said, smiling. "More importantly, happy birthday, Spike."

Spike ducked his head. "Nearly forgot, what with last night's celebration and all." He was shocked at himself for blushing, but they had commemorated the one-year anniversary of their first time with a romp in the men's room of the Bronze so wild that they'd received a standing ovation from the other patrons upon their exit.

"You want your present?" Xander asked.

"Thought I got it last night," Spike said, throwing in a leer for effect, and smiling when his antics garnered him a hot kiss. Xander broke away and leaned down to pull a large bag out from under the bed.

"Went for the high-end wrapping, I see," Spike snarked, digging into the plastic. He whistled quietly when he pulled out the black leather knapsack, running his hands over the supple hide.

"You like it?" Xander asked. "I saw it and I thought of you and those boots of yours. I would have liked to get you a pair of leather pants, but I thought this was more practical. It's okay, isn't it?"

Spike took one hand off the leather and pulled Xander's head down for a kiss. "'s perfect."

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