Thirty-nine. It was fast becoming his favorite number. It was also fast becoming his least favorite. Once everyone had recovered from the whirlwind of kissing, the Hanturans had given their version of the ubiquitous Farewell Ceremony, which seemed to be as endemic to the Pegasus Galaxy as the inevitable Harvest Festival and the occasional Fertility Ritual.

The Ceremony was long and boring, and Rodney couldn't concentrate with all of his blood in his dick. The Farewell Ceremony lasted - of course - thirty-nine minutes. Rodney couldn't even look at John's flushed face as Elizabeth went through their own version of the Farewell Ritual. The one they'd developed when they finally noticed that they were the only ones who didn't have one, and everyone else seemed to expect them to have one.

After John and Ronon had taken to making up ceremonies on the spot - ones that mostly involved some sort of game that had them hopping around on one leg and quoting Motley Crue lyrics. Elizabeth's was a little shorter and much less stupid. It also didn't require Rodney to know "Shout at the Devil" by heart. He had won his lobbying effort to end the ceremony with "So say we all," though it still made Elizabeth frown at him.

Finally, it was over. Elizabeth and the others ushered the Hanturan delegation down to the gate. Rodney and John just sat at the table and stared at one another. They both still looked utterly wrecked. Rodney leaned back in his chair and ran a hand through his rumpled hair. He flashed back to his favorite kisses.

John straddling his lap - heavy and warm, a solid weight across Rodney's thighs. Hard cock nudging Rodney's belly, poky elbows digging into his shoulders, John's hands threaded into his hair, big and hot against Rodney's scalp. John's mouth on his, his tongue flicking into Rodney's mouth. His helpless laugh when John sucked lightly on his lower lip, John's own dirty chuckle shivering into his mouth.

Those thoughts weren't helping. His cock was still pushing against his rough trousers, the damp cloth of his boxers magnifying the sensation. Rodney shifted in his seat and looked over at John.

Curled up between Rodney's legs. He shouldn't have liked that position so much. Especially in front of his team, Elizabeth, Lorne. Didn't matter. Sitting on the hard floor, his back supported by Rodney's knee, his arms up and around Rodney's neck...

Rodney's hand on the small of his back. It made him feel...smaller somehow. Protected. It made him sink even closer to Rodney's solid body. Right there in front of his team, Elizabeth, Lorne.

Rodney's other hand holding his hip, fingers tight around the back, his thumb stroking over the curve of bone at the front. Rodney's cock, hard against his hip.

Fuck, he was hard. If Rodney leaned over and touched him, just laid one hand lightly over his cock...Well, John would lose any opportunity to look at all cool when they left the conference room. He'd never think of a way to cover a large come-stain. Besides, Rodney would likely have to carry him out after - the end to all of the teasing would be explosive. He was drawn back from his thoughts by Rodney saying...something.

"Tell me about inventory," Rodney repeated. "Tell me something dull and boring and stupid. Then I'll tell you something dull and boring and stupid and we just might get out of here without coming in our pants."

He closed his eyes when John shuddered and let out a quiet moan.

"John," Rodney growled. "Inventory."

"Okay," John said, obviously trying to control his breathing. "First, you have to find the forms. They're never where you left them the last time..."

As long as he didn't look at John's mouth, Rodney thought, he might make it.

Shop talk worked, thank god. John had kept his eyes focused over Rodney's left shoulder the whole time he discussed the inventory process. Just like he'd explained it to Lorne a long time ago. Of course, he hadn't had a raging hard-on that time.

Halfway through Rodney's carefully boring overview of polymer chemistry, he finally softened. He sighed with relief and raised an eyebrow at Rodney. Rodney stopped talking, then glanced down into his lap before looking up to give John a small smile.

"Out," John said. "I don't think we have long to get back to your quarters before we embarrass ourselves." He gestured toward Rodney's head. "Straighten your hair. You look like you've been making out for a couple of hours."

"Stop talking," Rodney said, reaching up to straighten his hair. "You say anything and we'll be in here talking about inventory and polymer chemistry for another twenty minutes."

John's breath caught, and he stood, straightening his uniform. Rodney nodded at him. "Try for discretion, or just go out together and not care?"

John decided to let Rodney lead and followed him out of the conference room.

As they walked across the bridge and toward the residence corridors, not one person even looked at them. Damn, John thought. That grapevine is fucking fast.

They made it to Rodney's quarters and stepped inside. All the way there, Rodney had wondered if it would be awkward - if they would just stand and look at their hands or the floor. That turned out to be a waste of perfectly good worrying.

The door closed and John was on him - pushing Rodney to the bed, shoving him down and climbing onto his lap, hands already moving up to tangle in Rodney's hair again.

John rained gentle kisses onto Rodney's face, muttering and groaning between kisses. "Fuck," he said. "I can't believe I stayed hard through most of a chemistry lecture. Every time you said 'put' or 'in,' I couldn't help it, couldn't stop it."

"You?" Rodney said. "I had to listen to you talk about guns and touching things to count them. I may never look at crates again without getting hard."

John leaned down to rub his face against Rodney's, then he pushed - winding up straddling Rodney's prone body.

"Oh," Rodney said, breathless. "Good one." God, he'd been thinking about this all day, about how they were going to do this when they finally got the chance. Would he get to feel John's cock in his mouth, in his ass? Or, did John want him to be on top? And if John did, how the hell was he supposed to keep from coming before he got more than halfway inside?

"Stop thinking," John said. "Just kiss me. Kiss me, Rodney."

Instead, Rodney pushed John back, pushed him upright and back one step so he could get to his feet between John and the bed. "Take off your clothes," Rodney said. "I want to kiss you lying down. Lying down and naked." When John's fingers came up to his own shirt buttons, Rodney moved his hands to John's belt.

"I can't believe I'm finally going to get to touch your cock," Rodney said. "I want to get my hands on you." He started unbuckling John's belt.

"Fuck. Fuck," John moaned. "Rodney." His voice was thready. "I'm gonna come when you touch me. I can't wait."

"It's okay," Rodney said, his hand pausing, barely resting at John's hip, his fingers feeling only the rough cloth. "I...I can't wait either."

Rodney snaked his hand into John's pants and it happened. Just as promised, John came the moment Rodney touched his cock, his fingers digging into Rodney's shoulders.

Rodney pushed John down on the bed and fell over his body, barely catching himself on his hands. He managed to get his mouth over John's before he came hard. They kissed until Rodney's arms started shaking. He heaved himself over to the side, lying next to John.

"Sorry," John said, still catching his breath. "That was fast."

Rodney smacked him on the hip. "You call coming after three hours of foreplay 'fast'? You're setting the bar pretty fucking high."

"Fucking," John said. "God that sounds good."

Rodney laughed weakly. "Gimme a minute. Okay, gimme an hour."

John grabbed Rodney's hand and kissed the back of it. "You want to clean up?"

"Yeah," Rodney said, brushing his thumb over the back of John's hand.

"I liked it, you know." John said. "I liked kissing you."

"Me, too." Rodney was kind of shocked at how easy it was to say. The motion of his thumb stopped, and John squeezed his hand gently.

"What?" John asked.

Rodney closed his eyes and took a deep breath, but he had to know. "Why didn't you pick one of the others?"

John kissed the back of Rodney's hand again, then levered himself up on one elbow. He smiled brilliantly at Rodney. "Because none of them were you."

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